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Sendero Press Release June 14, 2017

Thanks to continued underwriting from Guide Dogs NSW ACT Australia and a federal grant from the National Institute of Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research, we have major feature improvements in the Sendero version 3.0 iPhone GPS apps, including Waypoint Routes, new POI user interface and Uber compatibility!

Warning: Before you install the update, share your user points of interest with your email; otherwise, they will be deleted from the app. You can then click on the attachment of the email on your phone to import them into the new version.

What's New in Version 3.0

  1. Added Waypoint Routes, similar to Manual "Breadcrumb" routes that are in our other Sendero GPS products.   All you have to do to create a Waypoint route is walk the route and the app will save points along the way.Waypoint routes are helpful when there are no street maps, as in a park or campus.

  2. Redesigned the Points of Interest user interface to make searching for POIs more streamlined. You can now use the Nearby POI Shortcut Gesture (double tap, hold and release on the POIs Menu button) or go to the POI Search Screen to search for a specific POI or a POI category. Unless you select a category, the search will be in All categories.

  3. If a POI search finds no results, in addition to expanding or cancelling the search, you can now select switch POI source.  Your default POI Source will not change if you switch POI Sources for a POI search. You can set your default POI Source in General Settings.

  4. Added indoor navigation support, Beacons button on the POI screen, as part of our current federal grant from the National Institute of Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research.  Beacon coverage is limited to a few locations in the US, UK, Germany and Turkey.  We will be working to expand this coverage over the course of the grant, so stay tuned!

  5. Added Uber to Route type options.  The app will send your location and destination to Uber so that you can schedule an Uber ride.

  6. Added an additional setting for the Shake sensitivity, you can now choose Hard, Medium or Off.

Countries and regions available as of 2017

USA, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada, UK, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Israel.

As always, make the most of your phone's portable convenient functionality by using it in conjunction with Sendero Maps on the PC, on the Apex or on the Braille Sense to explore and familiarize yourself with an area. Find the Sendero iPhone apps in the App Store here.

There is no telephone technical support for Sendero iPhone apps so use the Frequently Asked Questions section to address most items. Send suggestions or questions not addressed by the FAQs

There is a link to the updated version 3.0 Seeing Eye GPST manual from inside the program. You can find it at User Guide.

To purchase the Sendero iPhone GPS apps, go to iTunes, the subscription versions are free to download, but when you launch for the first time you will be prompted to select the one-month free trial or a subscription plan for either one-year or 30-day unless.  The non-subscription version, Seeing Eye GPS XT, requires a purchase before you download.