SAS Recruits Employees with Disabilities

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Sean Mealin working at his computer in his SAS office, with text, "Recruiting employees with Disabilities".

WRAL interviews Sean Mealin, a PhD computer science student at North Carolina State University about his summer internship at SAS. Simba, Sean's guide dog lays quietly beside Sean during the interview. Sean talks about his internship as a coder working on SAS Graphics Accelerator. SAS' Director of Accessibility, Ed Summers spoke about how SAS actively seeks talented interns - including those with diverse cultural backgrounds or disabilities. Read the full WRAL article here.

In the interview video, Sean and Simba walk between buildings on the large SAS campus, walking up steps leading to a building and working at his computer in his office. Video footage also includes Ed and his Seeing-eye dog traveling on campus and through the SAS dining hall carrying his lunch tray.