Samsung phone with TalkBack

Featured Image: 
Home screen on the Samsung smartphone

Inclusive Android shares information on how to get started with a Samsung phone and TalkBack, Android's screen reader. This post includes step-by-step information, gestures, and keyboard commands.

The post is organized by the following topics:

  • Introduction to Android
  • Initial startup with Voice Assistant
  • TalkBack, the screen reader
  • To install TalkBack from the Play Store
  • Enabling TalkBack
  • TalkBack Tutorial
  • Gestures
  • Configurable gestures
  • Suggested gesture configurations for quick navigation and reading
  • Nova Launcher
  • Making your phone easier to use
  • Using the phone
  • Using a regular Keyboard with your phone (includes list of keyboard commands)
  • Recommended Apps to install

To view the full Inclusive Android article, go to Getting Started and How to use a Samsung phone with TalkBack.