Sami Says: Create a Story Web Browser Game

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Image of a smiling 4 year old boy playing Sami Says on the computer.

Sami Says is a simple web recorder game for students to easily create verbal stories.  Using the arrow keys, Sami Says encourages very young students and/or students with disabilities to easily create and listen to fun verbal stories.  Computer science students at the University of North Carolina created Sami Says specifically for preschool and early elementary students with visual impairments and blindness.  Students can record sentences and motivating sounds and students can choose a variety of pre-recorded sounds.  

Teachers can encourage students to create a story around their favorite sounds.  Example:  The student might choose the pre-recorded sounds of a slamming door,  running footsteps and screeching tires.  The student can then select the slamming door, record a sentence or two, add the running footsteps, record another sentence, etc.  

Sami Says can be used to review/learn O&M routes.  When retelling the O&M route, be sure to include fun sounds of the door slamming, balls bouncing in the gym, singing in the music room, etc.

Students do not need to know how to spell, type or even how to use a screen reader to use this fun game.  Press the right or left arrow keys to move through the options, down arrow to select and space bar to record.

Sami Says works well with a PC and Mac.  Sami Says is a web browser game; for best results, use Google Chrome.

Sami Says