Reviewing Charts and Graphs: SAS Graphics Accelerator

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Time Series plot showing dividend titled "Cash amount by Ex/Eff Date"

How can students and life long learners access digital charts and graphs? SAS Graphics Accelerator is a free Chrome Extension that enables users with visual impairments to compile, compare, manipulate and analyze complex data. When the SAS Graphics Accelerator extension is installed, it adds the Accelerator tab to the main Chrome menu bar. Then, when a SAS enabled chart or graph is encountered, a chime will sound and an "Accelerate" button will be added below the data. The Accelerator provides low vision support, text descriptions, tabular data and sonification (interactive auditory feedback). Users can also create their own charts and graphs or export these data visualizations from websites or spreadsheets.

Access World Magazine explains SAS Graphics Accelerator in Bill Holton's post, Reviewing Charts and Graphs with SAS Graphics Accessibility.