Reading Text Without Using TalkBack: Android

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Image of an Android tablet, Android phone and earbuds.

Screen readers, such as Android's TalkBack, changes the gesture set, which can be challenging for some users.  For some low vision print readers, having the option of listening to chunks of text is often beneficial. This is not a good option for those who depend on a screen reader, as only the text (not the buttons, etc.) are read aloud.  

Google Text To Speech

  • Select the text to be read by holding your finger on the text until a menu bar with options appears
  • Choose the option, "select everything"
  • In the same menu bar, choose "more options"
  • Then, choose "speak" option

Teacher Hint:  This Android read aloud feature is a great tool to encourage low vision students to improve their listening skills, especially for students who are initially reluctant to learn TalkBack or other full screen reader systems.  This is also useful when students are struggling to read text messages or emails on the smaller phone screens, or when poor lighting, glare, or eye fatigue is an issue.  Keep in mind, using the read aloud feature is a stepping stone and should not replace a more robust screen reader!