Read Read: braille game

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The Read Read features credit card-sized tiles with letters, braille & audio recordings.

The Read Read is an electronic emerging braille device composed of movable tiles with both braille and raised print letters. As a student runs his/her finger across the brailled tile, the device announces the individual letter and dot combinations. Tiles can be manipulated to form words and the device will sound out the words phonetically. Extended features include math tiles, music tiles, shape tiles, and tiles for coding concepts. With the math tiles, students can learn the math braille code and can create math equations - which the device will announce and state if the math equation is correct or not! The coding tiles teach beginning coding logic.

The video below demonstrates the features and extended features of the Read Read.

Alex Tavares, a student working on his master's program in educational technology at Harvard Graduate School of Education, created the Read Read and Perkins School for the Blind field tested and provided feedback on the device. Read Read is not yet publicly available, but pre-order information is available on the Read Read website.

Want to know what students think? Watch this video of an emerging braille reader learning to use Read Read.