Quick Keyboard Tips for Microsoft Word through an iOS App: MLWordTips App

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MLWordTips iOS app aids blind users in learning to use Microsoft Word.  This app is part reference guide and part tutorial, with a series of 21 short lessons.  The app costs $4.99 and teaches keyboard commands needed for using Microsoft Word on a PC.

Here is a partial list of the lessons:

  • Introduction
  • The Document Window
  • Cursor Movement
  • Quick Editing Techniques
  • Saving Your Document
  • Opening Documents
  • Closing a Document/Starting a New Document/Exiting the MS-Word Application
  • Selecting Text in MS-Word is a Shifty Business
  • Inserting the Date and Time
  • Spell-checking Your Document
  • Applying BASIC Character Formatting
  • Applying Paragraph Formatting
  • Printing Your Document

For more information about MLWordTips App, go to AccessWorld Magazine's article, MLWordTips App from Lynette Tatum: Quick Keyboard Tips for Microsoft Word.