Protect your Tablet!

Featured Image: 
Student tapping on an iPad that is encased in a 3-ring binder's plastic cover.

Working with students may put your tablet at risk from gooey fingers, germs and other potential slimy things, especially if you work with very young students and/or students with multiple impairments.  One therapist shares her idea of placing the tablet under the clear plastic sleeve of a three-ring binder.  This has the advantage of protecting the iPad from germs while allowing the student to see and activate the tablet's touch screen.  Since many of our visually impaired students tend to lean close to the iPad in order to better see the screen, raising the iPad is also beneficial.  Depending on the student, you may want to choose a thicker binder (3" or bigger).  Students with some eye conditions, such as CVI, often have trouble seeing in their lower field.  Again, placing the iPad on a bigger binder will not only raise the iPad up but will also change the angle of the iPad, potentially placing the iPad in a more ideal position for these students!

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