Prizmo Go App Review: A free OCR app

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Use your iPhone or iPad to quickly grab print text and convert it to digital text.  The digital text can then be read aloud by the app's built-in text to speech software or VoiceOver.  The creators of Prizmo Go have thoughtfully included accessibility features for both low vision and blind users. Prizmo Go includes automatic angle correction and feedback enabling users to easily capture the text.  There are numerous OCR app available, including the original Prizmo app.  What makes Prizmo Go different?

Read what iAccessibility's review of Prizmo Go, which includes:

  • Prizmo Go compared to Prizmo
  • How does Prizmo and Prizmo Go compare to KNFB Reader?
  • Drawbacks to Prizmo and Prizmo Go
  • Conclusion

Prizmo Go offers several features, including interactions with special features such as email address, phone number, street address, URL or QR code.  When embedded in the original text, Prizmo Go enables users to activate the these special features in the digital text. 

Prizmo Go in iTunes; Prizmo Go is a free iOS app.

The following video demonstrates numerous features of the Prizmo Go app.  Note:  This promotional video starts with a visual-only demonstration of Prizmo Go, including capturing the text, swipe to select (highlighting a portion of the text to be read aloud), text editing (typing a comment about the text), copy and sharing (saving the text in Notes app), interacting with contents (opening a QR code and opening an address in the Maps app) .  The end of the video demonstrates using Prizmo Go with VoiceOver.