PowerPoint and Screen Readers

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Drawing of a large screen displaying a PowerPoint presentation with a pie chart graphic and lines for text.

Even young students are learning to create simple multi-media presentations using PowerPoint. (Read more about  teaching students PowerPoint here and another PowerPoint lesson post here.) What about students who rely on screen readers?  Microsoft shares step-by-step instructions on how to create PowerPoint Presentations with a screen reader on Windows, Mac, iOS Android, Windows 10 app and Online. Select your device for instructions specific for your device!

The instructions are broken down into several sections, making it easier to to learn/teach. Note: The links are specifically for iOS devices so instructional categories may vary depending on the device. At the beginning of each linked page, are the options for other devices. Be sure to choose the correct device first!


Posted by Diane BraunerAug 29, 2018

Several PowerPoint users have shared their experiences about using PPT with JAWS or NVDA:

  • JAWS is the best option. However, NVDA still works with PPT. It is just a little bit less efficient. - Y
  • I use NVDA for PPT all the time. As long as I'm not in presenter mode, it is fine. I use reading view when presenting a presentation with NVDA.  - S  
  • NVDA does work with PPT. Have you tried accessing the PPT in Outline View and not Slides? - J
  • NVDA does work in Outline View. It just takes a little patience until you figure out the kinks. - N