Pinterest Accessibility

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Finger hovering over the bright Pinterest app logo on a black screen on a smart phone.

Pinterest is an online service that allows you to share images through social networking. Pinterest enables users to post images of ideas to a "board"; these images can be shared with others and/or users can save their favorite pins. Pinterest is organized by topics and users can follow the boards of their favorite people and groups. Educators frequently turn to Pinterest for a variety of creative lesson plans and activities. For TVIs, families and students with visual impairments or blindness Pinterest has an amazing array of boards related to visual impairments and education.

Even though Pinterest uses 'images' to catch the viewer's attention, Pinterest posts are typically accessible with screen readers. While the image itself does not have alt tag descriptions, the text on the image is read aloud and the link provided in the image is accessible. Pinterest has recently added greater contrast for low vision users and better screen reader support to improve accessibility when signing up, navigating and saving pins. Read more about the accessibility improvements here.

Pin Boards for VI Community

Want to find pins about technology, education, life skills, braille, etc. for students who are visually impaired? Simply do an Internet search on your desired topic. Example: 'Best Pinterest boards for blind technology" or "Pinterest iOS apps for blind".  Here are a two links to help you get started! 

While Paths to Technology does not have a specific Pinterest Board, you can find many Paths to Technology pins on its sister website, Paths to Literacy, Pinterest board. Follow the Paths to Literacy Pinterest board here.

There are boards for specific grades and subjects, as well as specific activity topics. Is your class starting a unit on Inference? Want to find some fun third grade math activities? 5th grade charts and graphs? Maybe you are looking for hints for daily living skills, such as cooking for blind and visually impaired. Honestly, the Pinterest topics are endless!

Have you introduced your age-appropriate students to Pinterest?

What are your favorite educational boards for activities geared for students with visual impairments or blindness? 


Posted by ErickaMay 08, 2018

I use Pinterest a lot to get activity ideas. Glad it is accessible now.