Osmo Coding iOS App Kit

Featured Image: 
Picture of the Osmo coding blocks arranged in a sequence that is controlling the character in the Osmo app.

Osmo Coding is an award-winning game system for the iPad that includes hands-on play.  This kit is designed for students 5 - 12. The three games in the kit - Coding, Masterpiece and Newton - offer a range of hands-activities that develop an understanding of programming, drawing and physics.  Osmo Coding uses physical coding blocks that students place in coding combinations; these blocks command a playful character who then moves through his tree-shaking, strawberry-collecting adventure.  

Like many coding games for students, the physical coding blocks are accessible.  However, the actual movements of the character on the screen is visual.  The character does provide some auditory feedback - such as when he gobbles up a strawberry - but the actual directional movement is only visual.

Why is coding important?  Hear what these teachers have to say about coding and about Cosmo Coding.

Osmo is being used in more than 15,000 schools.  Check out the Osmo curriculums and school resources!

The Overbrook School for the Blind is successfully using Osmo with low vision students and adding Braille to the tiles to use Osmo with braille students.  Read more in the ABC article, New Technology Helping Visually Impaired Students.