Organizing Apps and Creating Folders: New iOS 10 Rotor Feature

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Screenshot of the Photography Folder with Camera and Photos apps.

The new iOS 10 rotor feature simplifies the process of moving apps and creating folders. Students should be encouraged to organize apps by moving similar apps into folders and by grouping similar types of apps/folders on different Home pages.  In the following example below, combine the Photos app and Camera app to create a Photography Folder.

To move an app

  1. Start from the Home screen.
  2. Move the VoiceOver focus to the Photos app. (Right or left flicks, stopping on Photos app.)
  3. Select Arrange Apps. (Use a one finger swipe down stopping on "Arrange Apps".)
    • Activate. (One finger double tap to activate.) Home screen is now in edit mode and apps are "jiggling".
    • Choose a Destination for Photos. (1 finger double tap.)
  4. Move to the Camera app. (Right or left swipe stopping on the Camera app.)
  5. Choose your desired action: Place Photos before Camera, Place Photos after Camera, Create new folder with Camera, Activate or Cancel move of Photos. (1 finger swipe down to move through each Actions options.)
  6. When on the desired action, activate.  (1 finger double tap.)

To rename the created folder

  1. Follow steps 1 - 6 above.
  2. When a new folder is created, the VoiceOver focus is automatically on the pre-written folder name text field.
  3. Move to Clear Text button and activate. (1 finger swipe right. Activate with a one finger double tap.)
  4. Type in the desired folder name.

To exit the edit mode

  1. Press the Home button.

Note: You can scroll to additional Home pages using the three finger swipe left or right.


Posted by John FarinaOct 09, 2016

Hi Diane and all,
This is one of the neatest features introduced in the latest update. I have wanted an easier way to move apps for some time.
I have recently used this with one of my students and she really liked it.