Orbit Teacher App: Remote Learning

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The Orbit Reader Teacher app is a free app available for Android devices and Windows computers. Here is what Igor Feinberg wrote about how the Orbit Reader Teacher app can be used as a teaching tool during school closures.

With the advent of Remote Leaning/Non-Traditional Instruction due to the Coronavirus, many visually impaired students who use braille, their parents, and their teachers are struggling.

The Orbit Reader now has a free Orbit Teacher App that allows a parent or guardian to view what the student is entering on the Orbit Reader. The app connects over Bluetooth to the student’s Orbit Reader 20 braille display and provides a real-time text translation of the braille being read or written by the student on the device. Both uncontracted/Grade 1 and contracted/Grade 2 braille will be translated into text for the parent/guardian. The app supports 40 different languages.

Parents/guardians and teachers can read in text the translation of the student’s braille response. A text translation is available for any assignment such as word work/spelling words, written responses to an assignment, or a reading passage/book, allowing a parent or guardian to provide support and instruction. The menu options can also be translated into text alerting the parent/guardian when they need to charge the unit or to change settings as directed by the Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

The FREE Orbit Teacher App works with Android and Windows devices. It is not yet available for iOS devices. The link to download the Orbit Teacher App and the manual is: http://www.orbitresearch.com/support/orbit-teacher/

The Orbit Reader Commands Quick Reference Guide is a good resource for parents as they try to support their student. The Quick Reference Guide as well as the Orbit Reader 20 Users Guide can be found at: 


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Igor Feinberg

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