O&M Live Binders: Resources

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Screenshot of Chris Tabb's O&M LiveBinder home page

Chris Tabb has put together an incredible online O&M resource using LiveBinders.  LiveBinder is your digital 3-ringer binder on the web!  It can be used to collect, organize and share your materials in an electronic format - with everyone.  LiveBinder enables you to share PDFs, Word documents, YouTube videos and more.  Chris has created an O&M LiveBinder with the following categories:

  • Paperwork Basics for COMS
  • iOS Devices for Blind and Visually Impaired
  • OM for Students who are DeafBlind
  • OM for Functional Programs
  • CVI Orientation and Mobility
  • OM apps and Technology Training
  • Accessible GPS Devices and Apps
  • Android Devices for Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Texas Education LAWS for OM and ECC
  • O&Ms Role in Bioptic Driving
  • Dog Guides for Orientation and Mobility
  • Weather Preparation Tips for O&M
  • Advocating for Off-Campus Community OM Lessons
  • Geocaching for Students who are Blind and VI
  • Section 508 Accessibility Resources
  • Accessible Presentation Materials