Office Lens Review: converting print to accessible digital materials

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In the ideal world, classroom assignments are shared in an accessible digital format with occasional print materials shared a week or more in advance.  Unfortunately, there can be last minute changes and your students should be prepared to handle.  Office Lens is a free scanning app that enables users to quickly convert a print document to accessible digital document.  Office Lens can be used for other functional activities such as independently read your mail, accessing a print menu, scan your receipts and business cards.

Office Lens is accessible with VoiceOver;  it is a free substitution for the most popular, but pricey app, KNFB Reader.

Note:  Although Office Lens is available on Android devices, only iOS devices include the Immersive Reader, which reads the text aloud.  For step-by-step directions on how to use Office Lens with VoiceOver, go to RSBC's blog, Microsoft Office Lens Review: An Accessible Way to Read Print Documents.

The video below demonstrates using Office Lens without VoiceOver.


Posted by Diane BraunerOct 26, 2017

Here is an audio demo of using the Microsoft Office Lens App on an Android phone using a screen reader to scan a document.