Office Lens: A Free Scanning App

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Image of red and white Office Lens App's logo

Office Lens is an accessible scanning app that easily converts printed text into an editable digital Word or PowerPoint documents - allowing users to type or make changes to the digital document.  Office Lens works well with VoiceOver, including the ability for a blind user to snap the picture.  Office Lens has a Whiteboard setting that reduces glare so that students can also use Office Lens to capture materials on whiteboards or blackboards.  Office Lens is available for iPhones, Android and Windows phones.

Note: You must open the digital document in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.  

For more information about the Office Lens app, see the AppleVis review.  At the bottom of this review is a quick tutorial explaining how to use Office Lens from a blind perspective.  

For more information, view the Applevis article, Office Lens.

There are good user comments at the bottom of the AppleVis review, including pros and cons of Office Lens compared to KNFB Reader. To compare the Office Lens app to the KNFB Reader apps, see Tim Hornik's YouTube video below.