Office Lens: Convert Print to Digital Materials (video)

Featured Image: 
Screenshot of Office Lens app displaying a scanned manual page with options to scan another page or done buttons.

Office Lens is the built-in camera available in OneNote that enables users to take a picture of whiteboards, printed documents, or textbook pages and then converts the text into accessible digital format. Office Lens is also a quick way to create digital copies of business cards, receipts, and other print materials. Open the digital document in Immersive Reader and instantly change  the font size, line spacing, or have the text read aloud. Open the digital document in Word or PowerPoint and edit the document. This is a powerful app for students who need to convert print educational materials to an accessible digital format, educators who need to convert materials on-the-go, and for professionals in the work force.

Office Lens is available free on iOSAndroid or Windows.

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The video below demonstrates how to use Office Lens and compares the scanned document in Immersive Reader and Word.