News by the Numbers: Online Workshop

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Image of COVID-19 virus and text, "News by Numbers Online Workshop"

News by the Numbers: High-Contrast and Nonvisual Access to Data Representations

  • Remote-only workshop with Ed Summers, Director of Accessibility, SAS; and Chancey Fleet, Affiliate-in-Residence, Data & Society Research Institute
  • Thursday March 19, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

People who are Blind or visually impaired do not have equal access to quantitative information including charts, graphs, and maps. For example, many of us simply cannot perceive the data visualizations and dashboards that are regularly published by mainstream news organizations. As a result, we often have limited or nonexistent access to critical data, including information we need to make informed decisions pertaining to our work, finances and health. As charts depicting the spread of Coronavirus and modeling how to flatten the curve are seen and discussed worldwide with Blind and visually impaired people largely excluded from the conversation, we are starkly reminded that nonvisual access to data is vital to our equality and well-being.

The charts and graphics popularly known as "data visualizations" can – and should – be represented in formats that Blind and visually impaired people can use.

This remote-only workshop is presented with Ed Summers, a blind Computer Scientist and leader in the field of accessible data visualization, who will guide us through an accessible, multimodal exploration of data. Participants will gain timely insights about key charts, including material pertaining to COVID19 that has become ubiquitously available to sighted people in recent weeks.
The presentation will use high contrast visuals in conjunction with sonification (explorable audio output). After the presentation, participants will be able to explore these and other charts, graphs, and maps themselves using the free SAS Graphics Accelerator software.

Please register to participate in this online-only workshop by emailing or calling Chancey at 347.632.8383. You may choose to participate on Zoom through either a web link or a dial-in number.