New SAS Software helps blind users see data in unique way

Featured Image: 
SAS Graphics Accelerator displaying an auditory data point with the X value 2016, Y value is 36 and Group is UK.

Charts and graphs provide data in a visual representation; how can students with visual impairments in a digital classroom access the same visual information?  The recently released SAS Graphics Accelerator software is a browser plugin that scans a graph or chart then converts the data points into meaningful sounds and into text that is then read a loud by a screen reader.  Low data values are low piano notes and high data values are high notes.  As you move through the graph, the stereo sounds move from left to right.  Users can take a 'glimpse' at a graphic by quickly listening to the full range of sounds to determine items like the trend of the graph, estimated number of data points, and more.  Users can then move from data point to data to glean specific information.

The SAS Graphics Accelerator is fully accessible with a screen reader.

Learn more about SAS Graphics Accelerator in this news interview with Ed Summers, the senior manager of accessibility at SAS.