New Narrator Guide

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Microsoft image and text, "New Narrator Guide"

Narrator is the native Windows 10 screen reader. With the recent release of Windows 10 (version 1809), comes improvements in Narrator and a new Narrator User Guide. The guide's Table of Content includes:

  • Introducing Narrator
  • Narrator basics
  • Using scan mode
  • Reading text
  • Narrator views
  • Using Narrator with touch
  • Customizing Narrator
  • Using Narrator with braille
  • Supported languages and voices
  • Narrator keyboard commands and touch gestures
  • Supported braille displays

New Narrator User Guide here

Also inlcuded is information about the new features and changes with Narrator.


Posted by Diane BraunerOct 18, 2018

Want to see Narrator in action? IllegallySighted created a video tutorial, "Exploring the Narrator October 2018 update in Windows 10". This video demonstrates several new features - including the updated keyboard layout - along with the practice mode, tutorial, and Braille display detection.