New ChromeVox OS

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Chrome logo and text "Chromebook; ChromeVox Update"

ChromeVox is the native screen reader for Chromebooks. The recent Chrome OS update has revamped ChromeVox to incorporate significant changes for Chromebook users who rely on a screenreader. According to the developers, the older version of ChromeVox is now called ChromeVox Classic (or simply "Classic") and is still available, but the Classic will have a limited shelf-life. After updating to the new Chrome OS, you can switch between ChromeVox Classic and the new ChromeVox.

Switch between Classic and the new ChromeVox

  • Start by pressing Ctrol+Alt+Z
  • To switch to ChromeVox Classic, press Search+Q
  • To switch to the new ChromeVoxm press SHift+Search+Q, then Q again

Learn more about the new ChromeVox here.

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