Need for National VI/Blind AT standards

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Assitive tech HELP!

I am requesting all bloggers on PTT to submit resources, ideas, comments, etc. on formulating a set of National K-12 VI/Blind AT standards. This appears to be an urgent need for VI students and any replies and conversations are urgently requested. I would like to submit a primary consideration must be, as in any educational milieu, the ability to creatively think and address novel and changing conditions is paramount. I always teach my students that problems and change are a fact of life with technology (and of course, life in general ) and are inevitable; the ability to address and overcome those problems is what will  make them successful.

Here are ISTE Standards for Students attachment. However, these standards are lofty and theoretical. We are looking for more practical solutions to these rather vague standards, i.e. "Using a screen reader, student will research. . .", etc.


George S. Thompson



Posted by Diane BraunerMay 06, 2019

George, do you have a working document to jump start this conversation? Do you want it broken down by grades or grade clusters? Type of vision? Can we invite TVIs (not just bloggers) to jump in?

Mastering Tech Skills: When and What? Post might have some useful information that can be expanded. In my opinion, this aquiring tech skills is evolving, so a fluid document is probably needed. I know that more needs to be added to this list.  Tech skills prior to entering kindergarten or at the end of kindergarten and transition for college-bound students has also evolved.

There are also some checklists available under Curriculum section.