Navigating the Web with Windows Screen Readers

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Screenshot from "Navigating the Web" video: Jim Allen sitting behind his computer.

Do you find surfing the web with a screen reader to be challenging?  Are you tired of navigating the web by repetitively using the tab key and arrow keys?  Jim Allen, accessibility coordinator at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, shares his extensive knowledge on how to efficiently navigate the web using Windows screen readers.  Follow along as Jim breaks down web navigation into simple chunks of information.  Jim also combines using Freedom Scientific's Surfing the Internet Tutorial and Jim's personal hints.

Expanded Navigation

  • Links
  • Heading
  • Forms 
  • Tables
  • Landmarks and Regions
  • Tabs
  • Browser Keys 

Watch the one hour Navigating the Web with Windows Screen Readers video.


Jim provides the following resources in his video:

Editor's Note:  JAWS works best with Internet Explorer.  NVDA works best with FireFox.