Money Reader: iOS App

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Money Reader Logo: Looking through a magnifying glass to view bills.

LookTel Money Reader instantly recognizes bills and states the domination, enabling users with visual impairments to identify and count bills.  Simply open the app and point the iPhone's camera towards the bill.  The bill can be identified from any angle and can be crumpled or folded.   Money Reader is fully accessible with VoiceOver, uses high contrast large numerals for users with low vision and does not require Internet.  Traveling out of the country?  No problem!  Money Reader recognizes 21 currencies.

Orientation and Mobility Instructors:  Money Reader is an excellent and fun tool for identifying money on shopping trips and O&M lessons!

Math Teachers:  Money Reader is an excellent tool - and fun for the whole class - when teaching money concepts math lessons!

Screenshot of Money Reader showing large print "20 Dollars" with $20 bill in the background.