Molly Watt: deafblind and Apple Watch

Featured Image: 
21 year old Molly Watt during keynote speech at Camp Digital 2016.

This video provides insight of how technology is positively impacting the life of a young woman with Usher's Syndrome.  Molly Watt, who is deafblind, shares her story during a keynote speech at Camp Digital 2016.  Molly discusses how she uses ReSound Smart app with her iPhone and Apple Watch which provides improved hearing directly to her compatible  hearing aids.  The ReSound Smart app (available both on iPhones and Android devices) enables the user to control and personalize their hearing experiences.  In Molly's case, for the first time she is able to hear lyrics of songs, hear phone conversations and localize traffic.  At about 18 minutes in the video below, Molly talks about how she uses the app and her Apple Watch for mobility purposes.  

Follow Molly on her blog: Molly Watt: Living with Usher Syndrome.