Mojave: New Operating System for Mac

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photo of Mac computer and open book sitting on a desk with text, "Mojave: macOS".

AppleVis is always a wonderful resource for all things Apple. A recent blog post, New Features, Changes, and Accessibility Bugs in macOS Mojave for Blind and Low Vision Users, shares the latest information about recent software update (macOS 10.14). This update shares that there are no serious bugs and that the update focuses more on bug fixes and stability than major changes. Most of the post discusses new mainstream features.

The post also notes several minor VoiceOver bugs that might impact students:

  • When sending a message in Mail, VoiceOver speaks "send again" rather than "send".
  • In Safari's address bar, VoiceOver may speak the character to the left of a character just released, rather than the removed character itself

Read the AppleVis article for the full - but short - list of bugs.