Microsoft Learning Tools for OneNote: Accessibility Features

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Screenshot of Microsoft's Immerserve Reader with large font and the dropdown men with spacing selected.

One in five students struggle with dyslexia - including many students who are also visually impaired.  Fully integrated into OneNote, Microsoft Learning Tools incorporates many features that enable students to read easier.  When enabled, Immersive Reader displays text in customizable ways that helps students to focus on the text.  Created to improve reading comprehension for users with dyslexia, these accessibiity features are also beneficial for students who have low vision and who are English Language Learners.  Microsoft Learning Tools is free add-on for OneNote.

Microsoft Learning Tools

  • Immersive Reader
    • Reduced visual clutter 
    • Highlights text as it is read aloud
    • Adjust text size
    • Adjust spacing
    • Invert colors
    • Provide grammar tools (breaks words into syllables; highlight nouns, verbs and adjectives)
  • Web Clipping: the ability to grab text and pictures from the Internet and open in OneNote.  Text is then searchable and available in Immersive Reader
  •  Office Lens: OCR application that grabs brings printed text and pictures that can then be opened in OneNote and read with Immersive Reader.
  • Dictation paired with OneNote and Immersive Reader

To see a demonstration of the Microsoft Learning Tools features, view the video below.

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Ready to get started?  Here is information about how to install Microsoft Learning Tools and to use its accessibility features, Learning Tools for OneNote - Getting Started and FAQs

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