Microsoft Forms and Take a Test

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As classroom teachers digitize their materials, they need to ensure that these materials are accessible for all students. (To learn more about creating accessible materials, see attached Accessible Materials Resource links here.) Microsoft has created powerful tools for teachers, including a way to create accessible digital worksheets, quizzes and tests using Microsoft Forms. Microsoft Forms has two types of Forms: New Form is for used for surveys and New Quizzes for worksheets, quizzes and tests. Microsoft also has Take a Test, which is an application that locks the student's device during a test and does not allow the student to access other applications on his/her device.

Note: Microsoft Forms  and Take a Test are currently available in Microsoft 365 Education and for Microsoft 365 Commercial.

The following video is an informational video about Microsoft's Forms and Take a Test applications.

Interested in learning how to create a worksheet, quiz or test using Microsoft's Forms? Here is a video tutorial on using Forms.

NOTE: This video includes how to add images to the quiz; however, it did NOT include adding image descriptions (alt text) to make those images accessible! All images should include alt text descriptions so that students with visual impairments can access the images. Videos should be carefully chosen to be accessible or audio descriptions should be added.

Learn more about Microsoft's commitment to testing accessibility in the article,  Microsoft's Accessibility in Examinations.

More information about Microsoft Forms here.

More information about Microsoft Take a Test here.