Microsoft Accessibility: A look Back and a Look Ahead

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In the past year, Microsoft has restructured their approach to accessibility.  There are 1.2 billion disabled people in the world, in a world which is becoming ever more reliant on technology. This is a challenge but it's also a huge opportunity. Microsoft is working hard to get this right. In this blog, you can read how Microsoft is approaching accessibility.

Microsoft Accessibility Updates

  • New accessibility features in Office every month
  • Partnering with KNFB Reader
  • Refreshed and expanded Microsoft Accessibility Website
  • Added Learning Tools 
  • Added voices to Narrator which provides faster speech to text translation
  • Word highlighting with speech for people with dyslexia

​What's next?

  • Braille support for Windows 10
  • Power BI, suite of business analytics tools
  • Dynamics 365, improve accessible user interface
  • Visual Studio, improved accessibility

For details about Microsoft's recent accessibility improvements and future improvements, go to Microsoft's Accessibility Blog.