Maze Day 2020 Registration

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Maze Day logo: Smiling cartoon boy with flaming red hair wearing sunglasses and headphones. Text, "Maze Day 2020"

Maze Day 2020 will be Weds, April 29th from 9 - 2 in Sitterson Hall on the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill campus. Maze Day is an aMAZing  event for students K-12 who are visually impaired and blind.  Students, educators and families will enjoy navigating through the life-size physical maze, playing the classic computer/iPad games and a wide-variety of new games and activities. (Maze Day 2020 is anticipated to have a HUGE number of new activities!) Spend the day side-by-side with UNC students playing and providing feedback on their crazy-fun and accessible games. Maze Day is a free event hosted by the computer science department - lunch is included!