MATT Connect Updates

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HumanWare has announced some new MATT Connect features! The clip located on the front of the stand that releases the tablet will now have the option of being fixed in place. The updated design will ensure that the tablet cannot be removed from the stand without the use of an included screwdriver. The packaging will include all of the tools necessary to fix or remove the tablet as desired.

The clip is now black, instead of orange, to bring less attention to the clip, which previously caused distraction from the tablet. The clip now has a small hole in which you can place a screw to lock the tablet in place using the included screwdriver as needed).

The new Android version improves the touchscreen sensitivity, allowing the use of a stylus and a screen protector (now included with the MATT Connect).

When connected to WIFI, your MATT Connect will automatically prompt you to install the update. Before starting the update, make sure that the tablet is connected to the power supply and to WIFI. This update may take approximately 15-20 minutes to install.

If you have purchased a MATT Connect and would like a stylus and screen protector after installing the update, request your accessories here or call HumanWare at 800-722-3393.