MATT Connect Updates

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Image of Matt Connect and text, "MATT Connect: Updates & Skills Checklist"

There is an update coming available later today that will be pushed to all MATT Connect devices. This software update will introduce a three-interface set up: Basic, Standard, and Advanced! Adding these new interfaces makes the device more user-friendly.

  • Basic Interface will allow the MATT Connect to operate as a basic video magnifier. Users will have access to two live image modes: Magnifier and Distance Viewing. This setting is perfect for beginner assistive technology users, of all ages.
  • Standard Interface includes all the features of the Basic Interface, with the added ability to capture images, access the gallery, and enable OCR reading. This interface is perfect for intermediate users who have the skills to navigate this additional functionality.
  • Advanced Interface unlocks the full potential of the MATT Connect. Operating in this capacity gives you all the benefits of the Standard interface while also allowing users to access applications through the APH Toolbox and even exit the Prodigi software to use the Android tablet.

Build your way to success with three video magnifiers in one. Choose which works best for you!

Once connected to Wi-Fi, you will be prompted to install the newest update. An updated User Guide will be available on the downloads page of the APH web site. Additionally, a Skills Checklist (see attachment below) has been created for instructional purposes and added to this page.

If you are receiving this email and you are not the end user of the MATT Connect, please forward on this information so users know about the update and the new interfaces.

Thank you, from APH!

Note: Information int his post was shared by APH.