Math and Science Apps

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Screenshot of four recommended biology apps.

The Iowa School for the Blind has accumulated a list of their favorite math-related and science-related iOS apps.  

Note:  These lists do not include whether the app is accessible with VoiceOver, Apple's built-in screen reader.

The math apps (non-calculator) are organized by the following categories:

  • Early Childhood
  • Flashcards
  • Geometry & algebra
  • Money Readers
  • Smartboards
  • Organizers
  • Productivity

There is an additional math app list, called iPad Calculators (Basic, Scientific, and Graphing).  These calculator apps are organized by:

  • Basic Only Calculators
  • Basic and Scientific Calculators
  • Scientific Only Calculators
  • Scientific & Graphing Calculators
  • Basic, Scientific, and Graphing Calculators
  • Graphing Only Calculators

The Science apps are organized by:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Weather

Please add your favorite math and science apps - including apps that are accessible with VoiceOver!


Posted by Diane BraunerJun 07, 2017

Math Melodies by EveryWare Technologies, free, interactive math activities aimed for students who are visually impaired, blind and sighted in first - third grades.  This app is fully accessible with VoiceOver.  See the Paths to Technology post, Math Melodies: iOS App

Math Robot by APH, $4.99, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math drills.  This app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and with refreshable braille displays. See the Paths to Technology Post, APH's Math Robot: iOS Game

Desmos Graphing Calculator by Desmos, free, plot functions, create tables, add sliders, animate your graphs and more. This app is backed by Pearson, approved for College Board exams, and is embedded into Smart Balance assessments.  See the Paths to Technology Post, Test Approved Graphing Calculator.

Reach for the Stars: Touch, Look, Listen, Learn, by SAS Institute, free,  a fully accessible astronomy textbooks available in iBooks.  This book contains interactive images that work with VoiceOver.   This iBook is designed for ALL students in grades 4-7.  Tactile diagram overlays are also available.  The book is available in the iBook store (not the App Store). See the Paths to Technology Post, Reach for the Stars: an Accessible Astronomy Textbook.