macOS 10.13 High Sierra software update: VoiceOver

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macOS High Sierra. Your Mac. Elevated.  Image of mountain peak in the background with fall colored trees and still lake.

The AppleVis team often writes about the accessibility of software updates. The recent (September 27, 2017) High Sierra update includes a number of improvements, changes, bug fixes and a few new bugs. Here are noteworthy topics about the improvements:

  • Huge PDF Improvements
  • VoiceOver Speaks in Tongues
  • Bettering the Braille
  • Rotor to the mistakes
  • A quick Note on Quick Nav
  • Auotmagic Image Descriptions?
  • Viewing the Past

For details, go to AppleVis post, The New, Good, and Bad for VoiceOver users in macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Be sure to read the user comments at the bottom of the AppleVis post for additional information.

Want to know more about what is new in MacOS High Sierra?  Read what Apple has to say about High Sierra.