Low Vision Curriculums and Teaching Strategies

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Student viewing enlarged images and text on a large monitor.

Are you working with a low vision student and want to know more about how a low vision student can successfully integrate technology into his/her classroom?  Mainstream technology now includes many low vision accessibility options and students with low vision are successfully using these new tools in the classroom.  Many students who previously rejected the bulky CCTVs and other "blind" tools, are embracing the mainstream devices with built-in or third party accessibility options.  Where can you learn more about accessibility options, apps, and tools for low vision students?  Check out these Paths to Technology posts - especially the recently-added Getting Started with Screen Magnification post!  The Getting Started tab on the Paths to Technology Home page includes posts that explain the various low vision options on a specific device and how to teach these options.  Some of these posts also discuss available low vision apps that are regularly used on that device in the classroom.  

Getting Started tab on the Paths to Technology Home page 

The Paths to Technology Curriculum page has teaching Curriculums with step-by-step instruction and activities along with Quick Reference Guides and Checklists/Assessments.

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Note:  Paths to Technology has additional posts related to low vision and new posts are being added daily!