Live Edits in Google Docs

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Google Docs "live edits" - the ability to make real-time changes in a document by collaborators - is now accessible to users who rely on a screen reader (ChromeVox, NVDA, JAWS or VoiceOver). Students who use braille displays can also now access live edits. To access the live edits feature, go to:

 Tools > Accessibility settings > Check "Turn on screen reader support" > also check "show live edits" from the Accessibility Menu

Once the accessibility features are turned on, a new sidebar lists real-time updates made by collaborators. Each entry notes a user's name, profile avatar, timestamp and general change made such as "add" or "replace". Users can choose to follow a single collaborate or they can follow everyone working on the file.

A full rollout of this feature to all G Suite editions begins on September 10th.

To learn about the screen reader commands - for Windows, Mac and Chrome OS - used to collaborate and comment with Google Docs, go to Docs Editors Help here.