Learning about Kendra: Video

Featured Image: 
Photo of 16 year old girl playing a guitar with the text, "Kendra".

Written by Richard Holloway and originally shared on the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children's Facebook Page. Posted on Paths to Technolgy by permission.

Our daughter was asked to present a bit about herself, and her music, at a conference about teaching students with disabilities last week. Kendra turns 16 next month. She's blind (with no light perception) and has Asperger’s Syndrome. She said that she was willing to share about herself, but presenting in person is something that she wasn’t comfortable doing, so they said that they’d be more than happy to present a short video from her instead. This is the video she helped mewrite and put together. Her mom and I were really pleased that Kendra was willing to share this much information about herself, in her own words. 

For those who cannot see it, the video is largely just a headshot of Kendra speaking with occasional inserts of photos and silent video shots which relate to what she’s saying— like Kendra playing various instruments, recording in recording sessions, etc. The music in the background was taken from the album she released last December, and the music at the end is from an upcoming CD release that is still being put together. After Kendra stops speaking at the end of the video, you can hear part that same new song of hers in more detail. The female singer is Kendra, all instruments are played by Kendra as well, and the music is all composed by her. Once the music gets louder (at the end of the video) and the speaking stops, the video cuts from Kendra speaking to a slide show of images mostly involving Kendra and some have other family members in them too. 

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about our daughter.