Layla: 4 Year Old Learning VoiceOver and Braille Video

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Image of an adorable four year old using an iPad with VoiceOver gestures.

This summary video follows a four year old student as she is learning to use an iPad, VoiceOver gestures and a refreshable braille display.  This 9 minute video begins in September with Layla being introduced to an iPad using VoiceOver gestures and ends in January with Layla reading and writing braille using an iPad paired with a refreshable braille display.  For information about the three apps Layla uses in this video, go to "Layla's Three Preschool Apps Video" post.



Introducing iPad VoiceOver Accessibility to young children with visual impairments


Posted by Diane BraunerAug 30, 2016

Hi Yolanda,

This 4 year old was using an iPad paired with the APH 18 Refreshable Braille Display.  If you are in the United States, your daughter should be receiving services with a Teacher of the Visually Impaired; this teacher should be able to get the APH 18 Refreshable Braille Display through APH (American Printing House) on quota funds, meaning the braille display is federally funded.  Your teacher should be able to evaluate your daughter's technology needs and assist with finding the right technology.  There are outside funding sources that you can try (to purchase an iPad and/or apps) such as the Lions Club, once the right technology has been determined.  Remember, your daughter will need training to use any type of technology; your teacher, you and/or a family member will also need to learn how to use the technology! 

The apps are described in more detail (with links to the apps in the App Store) in the post "Layla's Three Preschool Apps".  There are several posts about Layla and her adventures with an iPad.  Go to Technology Search and type in "Laya" to find these posts.  Another great resource is the post, "Starting Blind Toddlers and Preschoolers on an iPad."