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KNFB Reader: an accessible OCR app.

KNFB Reader is a mobile app that reads print aloud.  Designed specifically for users who are visually impaired or blind, KNFB Reader is accessible and easy to use.  KNFB Reader enables visually impaired users to read a restaurant menu, access mail privately, read school assignments and so much more.  Capture long documents (such as books) using the batch mode which enables KNFB Reader to scan multiple pages at a time. 

Teacher Hint:  College students and professionals need to be able independently access print materials on-the-fly.  Introduce your high school student to OCR resources such as the KNFB Reader app as part of your high school student's transition plan.  

Want to learn how to use KNFB Reader?  Watch the KNFB Reader Online School YouTube Series.  The topics covered are:

  • Saving a File with KNFB Reader
  • Overview of KNFB Settings
  • Overview of KNFB Reader Reading Screen
  • Sharing Files from KNFB Reader
  • Using File Explorer in KNFB Reader
  • Add Page to Document with KNFB Reader
  • Single Picture from Stand with KNFB Reader
  • Taking an Automatic Picture with KNFB Reader
  • How to Line Up a Picture with KNFB Reader
  • Taking a Manual Picture with KNFB Reader
  • Overview of the KNFB Reader Take Picture Screen

KNFB Reader is fully accessible with a screen reader and with a braille display paired with a mobile device.

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