Keeble an Accessible Keyboard: iOS App

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Keeble app logo.

Keeble is an iOS keyboard app that allows users with fine motor-challenges, switch users and users with visual impairments to type in any app.  The keyboard offers:

  • Compensate for motor challenges with Select on Release or Select on Dwell
  • Use Switch Control with optimized scanning keyboards:  abc and frequency of use
  • Prevent accidental selections with Timing options
  • Auditory Feedback options
  • Use with beginning readers and switch to lower case letters, ABC layout and set colored vowels
  • Customize for older students and give access to all characters and select advanced QWERTY layout
  • Pick from 5 different themes
  • Select English, Spanish, French or Dutch 
  • Choose preferred font
  • Self-learning prediction options
  • Benefit from the phrase bank to quickly access iOS keyboard shortcuts
  • Other accessibility features, including Switch Control and VoiceOver


Posted by Diane BraunerJul 05, 2016


Thank you for your comments!  I have not used this app with a totally blind switch user.  Thank you for contacting the developer; were you able to provide the developer with specific accessibility issues and/or specific suggestions on how to make this app truly accessible for students with visual impairments?  

Everyone, if this app would be beneficial for your visually impaired student, please contact the developer and if possible, provide accessibility feedback!