JAWS 2019 Updates

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JAWS logo and text, "JAWS 2019 Updates"

JAWS 2019 has many enhanced features that students may find beneficial. Note: there are many additional JAWS enhancements than what is listed below.  Let us know what you think of these improvements!

  • Separation of Office Scripts
    • If you are running build 10400 or higher, JAWS support for Word, Outlook and Excel has separated into different script sets, improving the issue of breaking JAWS.
  • Improved Performance in Office 365 Applications
    • Navigating large Word documents that contain a lot of markup such as footnotes, comments, tables, etc.
    • Editing data and formulas in Excel
    • Navigating large message folders in Outlook
    • braille display improvements
  • Notification of Spelling Errors in Word 365
  • New support for Grade 1 Braille Input
  • Support MathType Content when Reading in Office 365 Word Documents

Read the full details about JAWS 2019 improvements here.