JAWS 2018 Updates

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Laptop on student's lap displaying JAWS logo and text below photo, "JAWS 2018 Updates"

Freedom Scientific shares exciting new JAWS updates. Here is a quick list of new features:

  • JAWS Version Number Change - JAWS versions will now be labeled by the year in which they are released, as will future version of ZoomText and Fusion
  • Microsoft Edge Support 
  • Convenient OCR Adds Support for Freedom Scientific Cameras and Flatbed Scanners
  • All New Installer
  • New Verbosity Options for the Virtual Cursor
  • Support for Microsoft Mobile Voices in Windows 10
  • Updated Liblouis Braille Translator
  • Option for Moving to Any Link Added to Navigation quick Key Manager
  • "Document and Web Pages Automatically Read when Loaded" Option Added to Settings Center
  • New Keystroke for Locating Spelling Errors in Google Docs
  • Acronym Expansion Including When Spelling a Word
  • Read Dialog Boxes in Modern Apps
  • Improvements to JAWS Language Switching

Students - be sure to check out the new Spelling features!

There are a number of enhancements too.

For details about these new features and enhancements, go to Freedom Scientific's website, What's New in JAWS 2018 Screen Reading Software.



Posted by Anjana LintonJul 25, 2018

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