iZiggi Document Camera: Accessing Near and Distance Materials Video

Featured Image: 
Image of an iZiggi Document Camera and iPad.

In this video, Ting Siu demonstrates how to use the iZiggi Document Camera to access near and distance materials in the classroom.  The iZiggi is a portable, inexpensive wireless camera that can be used in conjunction with a tablet or computer.  In this video, the iZiggi is connected to an iPad.  Ting uses the iPad's pinch and Zoom features to enlarge the viewed materials.  She also demonstrates how to annotate (draw or write) directly on the live image.

Teacher Hint:  This is a good, portable tool that enables visually impaired students to see and work with small items in STEM classes.  Students can quickly set up the iZiggi in order to work with circuits, Aruindos and other items.