iOS App: Is it Accessible?

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Your school/class is using a new app; is it accessible for a student who uses a screen reader?  How can you determine if it is accessible?  What do you if it is not accessible?  If you are an app developer, how can you ensure that your app is accessible from the start?  This AppleVis article provides easily understood step-by-step ways to check the accessibility of an app. 

Educators and students, YOU can help make a difference!  If an app is not accessible, provide the app developer with specific, constructive feedback.  Here's what you can do:

  1. If your class is using an app that is not accessible, determine exactly what is not accessible.  Are the buttons labels correctly?  Can you select all the buttons?  Make note of any accessibility issues.  Contact the app developer; share what device you are using, the software version of the device, version of the app, and specifically what does not work and if possible, include how the app should work.  Many developers are not aware that their apps are not accessible! 
  2. Educators and students, be sure to rate the apps you use - especially good apps that are accessible! (Go to the desired app in the App Store and select rate this app and/or write a review.)
  3. Share the AppleVis link to iOS App VoiceOver Accessibility Teaching and Testing Plan article.  This article includes additional resources for developers:
    1. Accessibility Programming Guidelines for iOS
    2. Learn VoiceOver Gestures
    3. Test Accessibility on Your Device with VoiceOver
    4. Tips for Accessibility on your Device with VoiceOver
    5. Information for Developers on How to Build Accessible iOS and Mac Apps
    6. Tips for Taking Full Advantage of VoiceOver in Your App

If more educators and students raise the awareness and need for accessibility, more app developers will consider making their apps - especially educational apps - accessible!