iOS 9.3 Accessibility Improvements and New Features

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Apple's symbol for iOS 9.3: multi-colored "9.3"

Make an informed decision before updating! For students/users who rely on VoiceOver/accessibility features,  it is always a good idea to know how a software update may impact your iOS devices.  Major software releases which typically happen in the fall - such as iOS 8 to iOS 9 -  may have some unexpected accessibility bugs.  Smaller releases that occur throughout the year, often improve accessibility.  AppleVis is a knowledgeable resource about Apple accessibility.    In the article Apple Releases iOS 9.3, AppleVis writes about the iOS 9.3 accessibility improvements and new features that may be important to people who use VoiceOver.   Always back up your device before updating!

This article includes the following topics:

  • Accessibility Bugs Fixed in iOS 9.3
  • Accessibility Bugs Possibly Fixed in iOS 9.3
  • Accessibility Bugs Introduced in iOS 9.3
  • New for VoiceOver Users
  • Changes in Behavior
  • Other Changes
  • New 3D Touch Quick Actions
  • Notes Become More Secure
  • News Becomes More Personalized
  • The Health App Makes it Easier to Collect, View and Share Data
  • More Power and Features for Educators
  • You can now Pair with more than one Apple Watch
  • New Languages for Siri
  • Night Shift
  • How to Update.


Posted by Diane BraunerApr 12, 2016

You can back up to either iTunes or iCloud. Here are the Apple Instructions for backing up to either iTunes or iCloud.  Here is a video on How to Back Up to iCloud.  Here is a video on How to Back up to iTunes.  Either way works fine!  The videos give you extra hints on what to/not to store.   If you have a lot of pictures or videos, you may decide to back those up through a different cloud service (as they can take up a lot of space!) such as to Dropbox.  You do have the option of purchasing more storage space - the initial storage is free.  I choose not to sync my photos and videos across my devices; I put my favorite ones in Dropbox so that I can access them from any device but these photos/videos do not physically reside and take up space on every device.