iOS 10.2: Fixes, New Bugs and Focus Braille Display

Featured Image: 
Focus 14 Braille Display

If you are using a Focus Braille Display, please read this before updating to iOS 10.2!  

With every update, there are new accessibility resolutions and unfortunately, new bugs.  There is a critical issue with initially pairing or re-pairing the Freedom Scientific Focus braille displays, including the Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, Braille Edge, Braille Sense, Refreshabraille, VarioUltra and Brailliant.  Other brands of braille displays do not appear to have this issue. Apple is aware of and is working on this bug; it is recommended that if you use a Focus line of braille displays, do not update to iOS 10.2.

There are a number of VoiceOver fixes in iOS 10.2 along with a few new accessibility bugs.  For details, read the AppleVis blog, Apple Releases iOS 10.2; Bringing Fixes, But Also Some New Bugs for VoiceOver and Focus Braille Display Users.

The video below is a quick demonstration of the general updates with iOS 10.2 (without VoiceOver).