Invisible Puzzle: iOS App

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Screenshot of the Invisble Puzzle app: black background with a white circle and Play, Award and Information buttons.

Can you explore and identify shape puzzles using only sound?  The Invisible Puzzle app has seven chapters, each with a variety of puzzles, ranging from points on the screen to complex objects and characters.  How many drawings can you recognize?

You must use stereo headphones/earbuds in order to identify the location of the sounds from left to right across the screen.  To start on the introductory level, simply drag your finger up and down along the right side of the screen and listen to the sounds.  Double tap when you know the spatial location of the sounds.  

This free app is accessible with VoiceOver.

Teachers: The ability to use sonificiation - the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data - is a critical skill for students with visual impairments and blindness.  Sonification uses a variety of pitches (high and low sounds) and location (left and right) to convey information in a non-visual manner.  Tools such as the talking graphing calculator use sonification to convey information.  Touch screen devices are beginning to incorporate sonification with accessible charts graphs and tables, enabling students with visual impairments and blindness to self-explore data.  The Invisible Puzzle app is a fun game that introduces simple sonification concepts.

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Posted by sergio.mascettiApr 06, 2016

Hi all, I am on of the developers of this app, for the University of Milan, Italy. We are conducting research in the filed of assistive technologies. Your feedback is very important for us. Please, feel free to share with us your comments about Invisible Puzzle. To to that, in the app first screen select "about" and then "contact us". Hope you will enjoy playing with Invisible Puzzle, Sergio -- Sergio Mascetti Assistant Professor University of Milan, dept. of Computer Science