Introducing ChromeVox: User Guide and Interactive Tutorial

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Image of Chrome logo; Circle with red, yellow, green

ChromeVox is a screen reader created by Google that allows users to browse the Internet.  ChromeVox is built into any computer running Chrome OS including every Chromebook.  It can also be added to both Windows and Mac OS and used with Google Chrome.  

Many schools are using Google apps, including Google Docs, Google Drive, GMail and Chrome.  ChromeVox, while not as advanced as other screen readers, is improving.

Chrome has created a ChromeVox User Guide which contains directions on how to instal ChromeVox, how to navigate ChromeVox, keyboard shortcuts and release notes for software updates.  With ChromeVox running, there is an interactive tutorial that walks the user step-by-step through various features.

Introducing ChromeVox Video, an audio described video, briefly describes how a user who is visually impaired can use ChromeVox to succesfully complete several tasks.


Posted by John FarinaApr 22, 2016

Hello Diane and others, I hate to be negative but that described video told me nothing as an assistive tech instructor. there was no interaction between the student and her device shown for us to know how much she had to do in order to accomplish this rather simple writing task.

Posted by Diane BraunerApr 22, 2016

Jfarina, you are absolutely correct!  The video demonstrates ChromeVox; however, without hearing the screenreader and listing all the commands used to navigate and use ChromeVox, the video is not a true instructional video.  This video was created by Google.  I'd suggest leaving a comment on the video's YouTube location, to encourage the ChromeVox team to create a functional instructional video about ChromeVox.